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KwikMeal Hakka Noodle Mix & KwikMeal Chilli Chicken Sauce - 14 Oz per pack - Free Shipping

KwikMeal Hakka Noodle Mix & KwikMeal Chilli Chicken Sauce - 14 Oz per pack - Free Shipping

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Our Hakka Noodle Mix and Chilli Chicken Sauce has been created for the Indo - Chinese cusine lovers.

Both products have been carefully crafted to give you the Indo-Chinese taste that you have been missing. Both products are easy and ready to use. 

The Hakka Noodle Mix: Cook by boiling regular noodle / egg noodle blocks (not the instant noodles that comes with taste maker). Strain under cold water in a strainer basket. Make sure that the noodles are cold now. Add some oil and mix to make sure that noodles don't stick.

Heat oil in a wok. Add 1/2" diced onion, bell peppers, shreded cabbage, julien cut carrots, pre boiled beans (all optional) and saute on high flame for 30 sec. to a minute. Keep the flame high during the entire cooking. Add 2 tablespoons of the KwikMeal Hakka Noodle Mix per block of dry noodles boiled to the sauted vegetables and stir frequently. Now add the cooked noodles and mix thoroughly for a 2 - 3 minutes till all vegetables and  noodles are mixed properly.  Serve hot. 

Add a side of Chilli Chicken dish to make a complete meal.

1 Pack of KwikMeal Hakka Noodle Mix will give 14 plates of Hakka Noodle

The Chilli Chicken Sauce: KwikMeal Chilli Chicken sauce is easy and ready to use.

Direction for 1 cup chicken portion.

  1. Cube cut 1 medium Onion, 1 medium Bell Pepper (Green and or Colored), and coarse cut 2 green hot Thai chili pepper or other not so hot green peppers. No jalapeno peppers.
  2. Heat a pan with 2-4 tablespoons oil. Add 1 cup small cut chicken (dark meat) pieces and fry in the oil till chicken is fully cooked. Remove cooked chicken pieces.
  3. In the same oil sauté for1- 2 minutes in high flame the cut vegetables and remove.
  4. In the same oil, add ½ cup of KwikMeal Chilli Chicken Sauce. Turn flame high. Keep stirring frequently. If you find the sauce too thick add ¼ - ½ cup of water. Bring it to boil. Add the cooked chicken and sautéed vegetables and cook for 1 minute stirring frequently. Remove from flame. Serve hot with Rice, Hakka Noodles or Regular Noodles.           

1 Pack of KwikMeal Chilli Chicken Sauce will give 3 plates of Chilli Chicken

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