KwikMeal Pani Puri Ka Pani - Classic
KwikMeal Pani Puri Ka Pani - Classic
KwikMeal Pani Puri Ka Pani - Classic
KwikMeal Pani Puri Ka Pani - Classic
KwikMeal Pani Puri Ka Pani - Classic
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KwikMeal Pani Puri Ka Pani - Classic

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Pani Puri, Gol Guppa, Gup Chup or Puchka as they are called in different parts of India, is one of the most consumed street snack. The punch of the snack is from the “Pani” or the special water prepared for the snack. KwikMeal Pani Puri Ka Pani is carefully prepared to reflect the original taste of India and has been carefully crafted keeping in mind the ingeredients and the way they have been cured to give the perfect taste. The Classic version is spicy without any sweetness. Our Pani is free from preservatives, color and acid regulators.  You have to try the product to taste the difference. And, the best part is, it is made right here in the US. So, get ready to enjoy.

For Tasty Pani Puri:

Boil and mash potato. Add salt, boiled white chickpea (canned chickpea will also work), finely chopped green chilies & cilantro and mix. Make hole in the in the pani puri shell with your thumb/finger. Insert a little potato mix. Fill shell with KwikMeal Pani Puri Ka Pani and serve.


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  • OUR PANI PURI KA PANI IS MADE FROM SCRATCH in small batches to maintain taste and quality. Based on a recipe for that unforgettable authentic taste and flavor.
  • WE USE CURED SPICES so that you get the best and authentic taste.
  • NO PRESERVATIVES, COLOR OR ACID REGULATORS. All spices are hand ground to make sure you get the best.
  • MADE WITH PURE JAGGERY, NO SUGAR which gives a special and authentic taste like your Pani Puri Wala back home.
  • READY TO USE, no need to add anything.