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KwikMeal Steak & Kabob Marinade

KwikMeal Steak & Kabob Marinade

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KwikMeal Ultimate Steak & Kabob Ready Marinade has been carefully crafted to give your steak the nice bold and distinctive flavor and taste. It will keep your meat moist and juicy. Steak & Kabob is not your regular marinade.  You will taste the unique flavor. When compared, it will score out others. So, come try and taste the difference. KwikMeal Ultimate Steak & Kabob is made in the USA with quality ingredients and hand ground select world spices.




Product Type - Ready To Use

Pack Dimensions - 7 in X 4.75 in



  • A Bold Marinade for your steaks..
  • A Ready Marinade, Contains Select Proprietary Aromatic Hand ground Spices.
  • Built from scratch to give you that taste. Guaranteed to love it.
  • Keeps your meats moist and juicy.
  • 30 Minute Ready Marinade.
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